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Rosa nel Pozzo is very central in the middle of Le Marche. It's about 30 min from the adriatic beaches and 30 min from the Apennines. In a few minutes everything is reachable, but a car is always desirable in this hilly surrounding. Do you like the old villages, city's and a lot of culture? Le Marche is just as beautifull as Tuscany and you will find here lots of villages and castels where it looks like if the time has stand stil. For example Corinaldo with his old city walls who are still in good shape. On this wall you can make a tour around the city and you have beautifull views on the hills. We advise you to visite the castelvillage Pittichio, one of the most beautifull restaurated castelvillages of the neighbourhood. More Touristical, but not to forget is Urbino which is on the Unesco list. Did you always want to see San Marino? That city is also easally reachable form Rosa nel Pozzo.


CASTELLEONE DI SUASA: Roman excavations

At only 8 km from San Pietro is the small town Castelleone di Suasa, very famous for its particular type of onion. In September there is also specially organized a celebration on the onions. But that aside! The point is, that there is outside the village, a beautiful large Roman site, which you can also visit. Every year we work here with students from various universities, to excavate as much as possible. At this moment there are the remains of a Roman villa of a notable , the Domus dei Coiiedi, complete with beautiful mosaics. Not long ago, people found a way with huge stones and a smaller private house. One suspects that there is buried many more under the sand. At the small museum in Castelleone you can discover more! In the spring until June 30 on Saturdays and public holidays, can be given a tour of the excavation. The opening hours for the summer are not known yet, please ask us. We can highly recommend a visit!

Paveien romeinse opgraving Romeinse villa Oude romeinse weg






The sacred Celtic source of MONTEFORTINO di Arcevia..

An other curiosity is a sacred Celtic source and a cemetery. They are on the Mount Sant´Angelo in Montefortino, a few km away from Rosa nel Pozzo. A sacred ancient source, popular for its healing properties from the Iron Age. At the Celtic necropolis, were found 800 numerous tombs of warriors and princesses Celtic, with funerary objects of rare beauty: bronze helmets, iron swords and crowns in gold, now visible in the beautiful Archaeological Museum of Arcevia. Arcevia is also a beautiful country to pay a visit! And on the Mount Sant'Angelo you can also have a nice walk!






The beautifull restaurated coastal town FANO.

Fano is famous as a seaside resort, but also because of his old historical centre with beautifull buildings.
A city gate which is build in the year 9, is still admirable. There is also in Fano for instance at thursday a big weekmarket, at saturday the monthly antiques market, jazzconcerts and so on.





The by walls surrounded village CORINALDO

Corinaldo is famous because of his beautifull citywalls of the 14th century, who are almost perfect. They say that these are the most beautifull of Le Marche. Walking on these walls, you have beautifull views on the surroundings, dominated by the rolling hills of Le Marche.

Corinaldo has its own saint and the catholics amoung us will know who is Maria Goretti.
At the beginning of July, Corinaldo has a huge festival of the middel ages: Festa del Pozzo del Polenta, with spectacle, performances, diningparty's and all of this in traditional cloathing.
Very nice to be there.

Also Corinaldo is famous because of his Halloween festival at October.





The beautifull coastal town SENIGALLIA

InAt the beautifull city Senigallia on the coast you will enjoy yourself. Part of the fact that it has a wonderfull historical centre, there is also a lot of activity like a big boulevard at the beach with a lot of good fish restaurants. There is alsoRotonda al Mare, where there are a lot of festaivals in the summer like SUMMER JAMBOREE, al styled like the fiftys en sixtys. 

What more can you do in the nice city Senigallia? 
De old innercity with a lot of teracces, old monuments and buildings, but also nice shops.
-In the weekend in the evening there is the aperitivo with drinks and snacks in the many loungebars.

-On thursday there is an big market and there are 2 big shoppingmolls with larges stores.
-A long sandbeach and a long boulevard with nice shops and very good fishrestaurants.





FRASASSI: The breathtaking caves.

The Frasassi caves are an underground cave system in the municipality of Genga, Province of Ancona. One entrance to the cave was already discovered in 1948. In the 70's followed more parts of this cave system. At this moment there is abouto'n 13 kilometers open to the public, and it is certain that there are a total of at least 35 kilometers of caves present. In the largest "room" fits the basilica of Milan, so big!

Kapel rotsen Stalagmieten en stalagtieten Heuvellandschap rotsen





Some general information about the region "LE MARCHE".

- Le Marche comes from the  German word Mark that means to mark, border means: region at the border. Le marche is plural, so borders. Le marche is the only region with his name plural.

- Le marche is a region at the center of Italy at the Adriatic see. At the north there is the region Emilia Romagna  and the little state San Marino, at the west  there is Tuscany and Umbrië at the south-east there is the Abruzzen and Lazio.

- The surface of Le Marche takes about a 31e part of the whole country, that is 3,21%. What concerns the size Le Marche is on the  14th place. Of the 1000 Italians there are living 25 of them at Le Marche, about 2,5% of the entire polpulation of Italy. 

- At the west of Le Marche there are the Appenines. There is also the border with Umbrie. The highest mountain of the region is the Monte Vettore (2476 m) at the county Ascoli Piceno. The landscape between the mountains and the coast is very rolling. This part of Le Marche is importante for the agriculture, and is brings a lot of wine, olives, vegitables etc.

- The coastline of Le Marche is about 170 kilometers long. The sand and gravel beaches are being interrupted by a rock coast; at the south of the capital city Ancona (Monte Conero) and at the north of Pesaro (Monte San Bartolo). Ancona is the main harbour of Le Marche. 

County   Capital city Important places
Ancona AN Ancona Jesi, Senigallia, Fabriano
Ascoli Piceno AP Ascoli Piceno San benedetto del Tronto
Fermo FM Fermo Porto San Giorgio
Macerata MC Macerata Recanati, Civitanova Marche
Pasaro Urbino PU Pesaro Urbino Fano, Pergola, Cagli


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  • At only 8 km from San Pietro is the small town Castelleone di Suasa well known ....

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On a stone's throw distance of the village "San Pietro"
in the lovely hills. That's why the region Le Marche has its knowledge

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